About Us

The Recruiting Brainís goal is to be our clients' primary contact and authority when it comes to identifying football prospects. To meet this goal, we must excel at differentiated information gathering, value-added information processing, superior prospect evaluations, and unrivaled customer service.
Effective July 1, 2022, the annual fee for our national package is $ 8000.

The Recruiting Brain Provides Clients With
Prospect Identification 
We narrow down the nearly one million high school football players to those who are college prospects.
Preliminary Prospect Evaluation 
We provide early evaluations of college prospects so that colleges have a better idea as to who is worthy of the nearly 10,000 available Division I-A scholarships (over 2,400 per year).
The Most Comprehensive Recruiting Database  
Unlimited access to the largest, most in-depth underclass player database anywhere (over 13,000 sophomores, 5,000 freshmen and hundreds of junior high prospects).
Contact Information and Video Links for Top Prospects
Direct links in order to contact prospects (primarily through twitter/facebook) are provided for most of the top underclass prospects.  Approximately 90% of our top 3000 prospects will have direct links by May 1o of their sophomore year.    
There will also be video links for the majority of our top 3000 prospects by May 10 of their sophomore year.
Numerous direct links and video links are also available for freshmen and even select junior high prospects.
Information on a Timely Basis 
The Recruiting Brain is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources that enable us to both obtain and deliver value-added information, including regularly updated player rankings, on a timely basis.  
Timely, objective and custom-tailored rankings and reports.  
Access to a Premium Forum.  
Our clients are exclusively colleges and universities.  We never charge a fee of any kind to high school prospects or coaches.      
The Recruiting Brainís Clients
Acquire a Different Perspective 
The Recruiting Brainís research expertise is at the core of the value proposition offered to clients.  The Recruiting Brain provides insightful, objective and timely research that is designed to enable clients to make informed recruiting decisions.   It achieves research excellence through the quality of its staff, the breadth and depth of its resources and relationships and its product commitment. 
Expand Footprint 
Expand their footprint into new areas of the country where they have not previously had the time or resources to recruit as prospects are becoming more willing to leave home to find the right school that fits their academic and football needs.
Save Time 
Save time in the information-collecting and preliminary evaluation process.  This is time that can be shifted to recruiting and coaching.  
Save Money 
Save money by having the information delivered to them at a much lower cost than gathering the information directly or through less comprehensive recruiting services.  
Our clients more than meet the demands of an ever-changing recruiting universe where time-lines have accelerated and prospects are being identified, evaluated and recruited at a much earlier stage and much more intensely.  
Are Flexible 
The Recruiting Brain can be a primary information source or it can complement other researchógenerated in-house or by other third-party firms.
Are A Step Ahead of the Competition
In the evermore competitive world of college football, recruiting is the oil that greases the wheel. Without procuring the right talent, schools are a step behind in terms of winning.   Procuring talent entails three steps:  identifying, evaluating and recruiting prospects.  With The Recruiting Brain, colleges avail themselves of the best service in terms of identifying and providing preliminary evaluations of prospects.